Kenya Safaris in the Heart of Africa

They say that all humanity originates from the heart of Africa and Kenya is that African heart.

My name is Dennis Mutune, I've lived here all my life and my mission is to take you on Kenya safaris (which means journeys in the local Swahili language) that go well beyond any normal tourist trip. Along the way we'll discover the real Kenya, its people, traditions, art and of course the incredible animals and breathtaking beauty of the country too.

Come here to discover spectacular scenery, lakes, safaris, mountains and beaches but come here as well to discover your roots. No matter your color, race or country this is where your heart and soul will forever feel at home.

No other country can be described as a world in one country to the extent that Kenya can and the diversity of scenery is matched only by the diversity of its people - would you believe that 68 languages are spoken in my country!

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Of course I'll cover the "big name" destinations and the essentials that you need to know when travelling to Kenya.

Then we'll head off to discover beautiful places, many of them missed by most tourists to my country. These are places where the real Kenya in all its glory is to be found.

We'll head out together on Kenyan safaris of all types.

Whether you're looking for luxury game lodges, tented lodges or simply ways of going on safari with a tight a budget - we've something that is sure to be perfect for you. Some of the safaris are in stunning reserves that most people have never heard of - yet once you've visited you'll never forget the experience.

Enjoy my country's vibrant cities as well – from cosmopolitan Nairobi to historic Mombasa and experience just how wonderful these cities can be... if you know where to go, what to see and where to eat.

Don't forget that if you're coming here to enjoy a wildlife safari then a good idea is to combine bush time with a little beach time. Kenya has beaches rated in the top twenty on earth - I've all the best ones for you.

Add in a few lakes, soaring mountains and tropical islands and I think you'll find going on safari in 'my' Kenya to be an unforgettable experience and certainly something you'll want to add to your bucket list.

The People

I'm from the Kamba tribe and you'll be amazed at the fabulous variety of colourful people you'll meet in Kenya. From the famous Masai to the warm Jambo (welcoming hello) you'll receive from the Swahili folks along the coast. Everyone has a story to tell and great legends, arts, and traditions to share with you here on

Let's Go

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