The Best African Safari Holidays are in Kenya

If you are looking for African safari holidays then there is one destination that really stands out. It offers every type of safari you can imagine.

That destination is Kenya.

Whatever type of safari you are looking for you'll find it in Kenya.  The options are endless but these are some of the most popular ones...

Honeymoon Safari

Love LionsLions in Love

When it comes to romance there isn't much that can beat watching the sun set in splendour over the African plains, while herds of elephants and giraffe stride across the horizon. Which safari offers the most romantic experience though? 

Luxury Safaris

Luxury SafarisSafari Lodge

Heading out into the African bush doesn't mean you need to forsake the comforts of home. Instead of a whisky in front of the television enjoy your single malt in front of a roaring fire, while a huge dinner of the finest Kenyan steaks is prepared for you and lions roar in the distance. Not all safaris billed as luxury are that good though, therefore, if only absolutely fabulous will do then these are the ones for you.

Budget Safaris

African safari holidaysBudget Safari Ldge

Even without a huge budget you can still enjoy a real Kenyan safari. There are countless lodges where you'll forfeit the luxuries of life but still see all the same African wildlife that you would on a safari costing ten times the price.

Family Safaris

Family SafarisFamily on Safari

Thinking of giving your children the experience of a lifetime? I don't think there is another type of holiday that children love more. Some safari holidays are better suited to children than others though and some don't even allow children. Even those that say they "welcome children" aren't always geared up to cater for them properly. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptional ones for kids.

Cross-Border Safaris


Wanting to see Kilimanjaro or explore Tanzania's Serengeti and combine it with a trip to Kenya? There are a number of ways to do this; enabling you to experience something truly marvelous.

Best African Safari Holidays

On Safari in KenyaOn Safari

There are a number of Kenyan National Parks and safari experiences that really stand out in my opinion. If you are coming all the way to Kenya it is worth making an informed choice and choosing carefully. 

What to See on Safari


Most people have heard of the "Big Five" but how many have heard of the "Tiny Six"?  You'll want to try and see both the "Big Five" and the "Tiny Six" and in order to do so these are the animals to add to your list. 

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