Need a Nairobi Map?

Well then our Nairobi Map is the answer. It has everything you need to explore my city.

We have marked on the map some of the hotels, shops, restaurants and sights to see. Some of them aren't always in the guide books but, with my being Kenyan, I thought you might like to discover a local's Nairobi too and enjoy a more authentic Nairobi experience.  

This is a Nairobi where you will be able to sample the wonderful flavours from across East Africa in this melting pot of a city where the cuisines of all Kenya's many people are available on their own or as delicious fusions of flavours - everything from coastal curries to the extensive meats of interior tribes. You will even get the opportunity to eat things like crocodile and ostrich which are sustainably farmed for their meat - both are delicious I promise... so don't miss out on the opportunity.

Not only does our map feature restaurants but also shops and open-air markets. These are vibrant riots of colour and the sights and sounds are a delight to the senses. Of course there are also fantastic bargains to be had and the beautiful homemade products, crafts and art are the sort of thing that you will see selling for ten times the price in London or New York.

Hotels featured on the map are those we've mentioned in our hotel guide. They offer a variety of experiences: from modern business type hotels (which are much the same as you would find in any of the world's capital cities) through to more characteristic hotels where that colonial British atmosphere is still very much in evidence. We've even a hotel where you feel as if you are staying in a luxury safari lodge even though you are in the midst of a huge African city.

The sights that are on the map are those we have written about on our Nairobi Sights and Safaris page.  They include famous attractions like the Nairobi National Park and the Karen Blixen Museum and some far less well known ones like the Uhuru Park, the Nairobi Arboretum and the National Museum of Kenya. You'll also find the right place to go if you've ever wanted to kiss a giant giraffe - not a stuffed one or model either... a real one.

Our Nairobi Map

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