Pirates Beach - Mombasa's Favorite

Pirates Beach is a magnificent public beach and a popular destination for beach lovers who want plenty of socializing and to experience a wide variety of entertainment.

Mombasa Favorite Beach PiratesFamilies having fun at Pirates Beach

Just make sure you have your camera ready to capture your most amazing moments at the beach!

Officially known as Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, Pirates Beach is a famous beach for many locals and family units who want to swim, relax and enjoy the extensive sandy beach Mombasa has to offer.

About the Beach

The beach is usually busy with various activities. From the main road to the beachfront, the path is lined up with several kiosk and vendors selling various kinds of wares ranging from second hand clothes, swimwear and beach paraphernalia, artifacts, decorations and other interesting bric-a-brac. Prices here is quite affordable and you can still bargain for better price.    

Shopping at Pirates

Other vendors act as custodians of your personal belongs when you want to take a swim in the ocean. Since there are many stalls offering the same service, you will need to note well which one you leave your items with.

They also have changing booths where you can change into your swimming costume. There are no public showers to wash-off sea sand after swimming but you can clean the sand off in the private changing booths.

You can’t go hungry here, numerous eateries line the beach with plenty of Swahili foods such as fried cassava, sea foods as well as coconut juice and plenty of other local foods. Foods and drinks prices here are quite affordable. If you need to sit down, there are plenty of chairs but they are not for free. You’ll have to buy either a drink or a snack to be allowed use them, if not you pay a small fee.

Most beach services here are operated by beach boys who act as middle guys. They can be quite persistent and nagging especially when they notice you are newbie and they want to persuade you to buy their service or product. They usually quote higher prices, off cause for better commissions.

However, don’t be in a hurry to settle on their first offer, take your time to know what other dealers are offering for the same.

Pirates BeachMe and my wife taking a camel ride

Pirates Beach is a beach that never goes to sleep. It’s a 24/7 active beach. There are night clubs and vendors who stay operational till morning.  You can come to relax or party by the beach until very late at night or early morning.

In case of an emergency, there is a Red Cross Rescuer & Emergency Centre at the beach that offer first aid services. The Centre closes at 6 p.m. and people are cautioned not to swim after they blow the evening whistle.

Getting to Pirates Beach

Pirates beach is part of the larger Bamburi beach set aside as public beach. It borders Bamburi Beach at the south and Nyali Beach to the north.

Located along the main highway, It takes approximate 20 minutes to get to pirates beach from Mombasa city on a less traffic hour.

You are free to walk to the upper side of Bamburi Beach as you enjoy blowing breeze and the sandy beach. However, for you to get to Nyali Beach, you will have to commute since there is no direct connection from Pirates Beach and still, its restricted.