2 Days in Nairobi - The Essential Sights to See

Often Nairobi is simply where you arrive in Kenya and the city you leave from.  Don't miss out though - I really recommend you spend 2 days in Nairobi. There is more than enough to keep you busy and if you simply rush off to the beach or on safari you will lose out on discovering the real heart and soul of Kenya.

Want to experience the culture, vibrancy and energy of the people of Kenya? No better place exists to do this than Nairobi - the melting pot of Kenya.

This is the city where all my countries different tribes, religions and races come together in a colourful and sometimes chaotic mixture.  You'll get to taste the great dishes of all Kenya's regions, purchase the arts and crafts of every tribe and enjoy the many types of music from all of East Africa and beyond.

So what should you do with your 2 days in Nairobi? These are my recommendations...

Enjoy a Night Out 

Enjoy a hearty feast of  traditional food at one of Nairobi's many excellent restaurants specializing in East African cuisine and then dance the night away to the rythms of Africa at one of the many venues featuring live Kenyan music.

Stay at the Sarova Stanley Hotel

I'd definitely recommend a night or two at the Sarova Stanley Hotel, a hotel that seems to take you back to colonial times. Even if you don't stay here make sure you visit the Thorn Tree Cafe - an institution in the city. The old acacia tree in the middle of the restaurant served as the "post office" for generations of travelers who'd pin messages onto its trunk for friends. The tradition of leaving "tree-mail"still lives on so post a message for friends - then all you need do is convince them to visit Nairobi to read your message.

Shop at a Traditional Market

There are a whole lot of different ones to choose from.  The Maasai Market is a good one to pick up a few traditional souvenirs to remind you of your time in Kenya.

Market in NairobiStreet Market in Nairobi

Catch a Matatu

It's not always the most pleasant experience but it does give you a taste of real life Nairobi and you'll share in the camaraderie of a Nairobi commute. More details on Matatus here.

Go on Safari at the Nairobi National Park

The only safari park right in the middle of a city. You'll not easily forget seeing the big five roaming free across the African savanna with the modern city skyline in the near distance. Very surreal indeed. This is what awaits you.

Elephant in KenyaNairobi National Park

Kiss a Giraffe

Kiss a giraffe at the Giraffe Center. Definitely not something you do everyday and an experience to make your friends green with envy. Find out how here.

Giraffe kissingMe kissing a giraffe

Visit the Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen's story is that upon which the film Out of Africa was based. The museum (view our guide) is basically her old farmhouse and is a fascinating journey thorough what life in colonial Kenya was like. If you have the time try to visit the Nairobi National Museum too.

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